“Urgent steps will be taken” – FG reacts to closure of shops owned by Nigerians in Ghana

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The Nigerian Government has reacted to a viral Video showing shops of Nigerian traders in Ghana being locked up by Ghanaian authorities as the traders failed to pay the Ghana Investment Promotion Council, GIPC, fee which is $1million minimum foreign equity while the registration fee is 31,500 cedis.

There has been a lot of reactions concerning the video, as Nigerians have taken to social media to condemn the actions of the Ghanaian authorities, accusing them of making life unbearable for Nigerians residing in their country.

However, in a tweet posted via his Twitter account on Monday morning, Onyeama said the government will take urgent steps to tackle the situation.

”Nigerian Government has watched with dismay the painful videos of the forceful closure of the shops of Nigerian traders in Ghana. Urgent steps will be taken,” he said.


  1. So sad indeed, why it’s other countries are making life unbearable for us in there countries. We can’t live in Nigeria neither stay overseas. Our leaders should do something before getting out of hand.

  2. Our leaders should stand up to their responsibilities, why are they punishing us like this when we were blessed with numerous mineral resources and they are mishandling everything by their selfishness and greediness. They should not allow Nigerians to suffer at abroad. Urgent response should be taking.

  3. The world is a global village and having said this, I fully believe that each and everyone of us has the right to migrate and live in any part of the world he/she desires without being molested as far as the person is not in any way carrying out any activity that is unlawful
    This action of Ghanaian authorities against Nigeria citizens living in their country is uncalled for and is very unfair and should be tackled head long by the Nigeria government without any delay
    Enough of all these rubbish

  4. So Sad Indeed, Why It’s Other Countries Are Making Life Unbearable For Us In There Countries. We Can’t Live In Nigeria Neither Stay Overseas. Our Leaders Should Do Something Before Getting Out Of Hand.

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