Prophet Iginla’s wife withdraws her earlier statement where she cried out for help over domestic abuse by her husband (video)

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Blessing Joseph, Prophet Precious Iginla’s wife who cried out days ago over the alleged domestic abuse her husband allegedly subjects her to has made a U-turn. 

The lady had disclosed that her husband is a senior pastor of Prophetic Fire Embassy International Port harcourt, Rivers state in a video she shared. 

The mother of two alleged that her husband doesn’t take care of her and the kids, he beats her, refused to allow her work, starves her and the kids and sometimes locks her outside their house.

She further revealed that she has been enduring all these because of her kids but no longer wants to stay in the marriage. The lady went on to beg NGOs to help her get out of her marriage, while also pointing out that she can’t take care of the upkeep of her kids. 

However, Blessing has shared a new video of herself and her husband. She revealed that he has apologized, they’ve resolved their issue and decided to make their marriage work.

Here is the video below; 


  1. Good of you but in the first instance you should have trend softly before pronounce it to the world. It’s good to settle any differences amicably.

  2. Sometimes religious does not understand what marriage is all about but we shouldn’t allow our grievances to be exposed to third person because if we do so another problems may set in. Thank God for settle your grievances amicably.

  3. No one is above sin and wrong doings but when you make mistakes and beg, I strongly feel you should be forgiven.
    Since the husband has accepted that he wronged her and has begged and apologized, the woman has done well to forgive him
    There is no gain in quarrels but so much gain in peaceful co existence
    I am pleased to hear that they have reconciled and are now leaving peacefully as husband and wife
    May God bless and protect them in Jesus name …Amen

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