Watch Father Mbaka Predict A BBN Housemate losing out of the N85M Win Because of her sporadic Anger Issues

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In a now-viral video, Father Ejike Mbaka can be seen talking about a female BBNaija housemate during his adoration service. 

According to the cleric, the female housemate who is beautiful might lose the N85m prize in the reality show due to her cantankerous side which pops up at intervals. 

Here is the video below; 


  1. Sorry to say this, what importance is bbnaija that a prophecy has to be made on it?
    We need more important prophecies, not one like this

  2. Some people will pretend to care just so they can get a better seat to watch your struggle. Every helping hand is not always there to help.aviod anger mbaka

    1. Can I ask the father in Lord that what is relevancy of religion and bb naija? What do father stand to gain from this prophecy? And many more, instead of praying for those in power to have the mercy of those they are govern but vice versa. With all the social vices that is happening in bb naija, you still add religious matter to it. Nawa for all these men of God they called themselves.

  3. Of what gain is BBNAIJA to the society that father Mbaka is prophesying over who wins or looses it.
    To me this is immaterial and should not be discussed at all. A show of immorality is not supposed to be discussed by a religious leader and that is what I feel the so called BBNAIJA is
    I do not give a dam who wins or looses it

  4. Please! Can father mbaka name or list the religious advantage or educational advantage that his followers can gain or derive from this BB naija that he is talking about. With all the immoral act that the people involved in this show are carried out that means you still watch their immoral act. I pity your followers if someone like you can still go ahead and watch BB naija.

  5. Anger is one of the poisonous weapons tht exist among the living so it takes only prayers to overcome it but the BBN stuff has nothing to do with a man of God

  6. I don’t believe a Prophecies on a bbn house mate,I find it very hard to believe this but I can’t judge any one,but I believe that truth don’t hide

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