Aisha’s response on my cartoon about her daughter’s wedding shows those in power see and listen to us – Mustapha Bulama

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Daily Trust Cartoonist, Mustapha Bulama has reacted to the condemnation his artwork on Hanan Buhari’s wedding received from the presidency.

The cartoonist had shared a cartoon photo in which Aisha Buhari was seen flaunting pictures of Hanan’s wedding invitation while Nigerians struggled to escape drowning. The cartoon came with the caption “At least you can enjoy the pictures.

Reacting to the cartoon, Aisha Buhari’s spokesperson Aliyu Abdullahi said the cartoonist did not put Mrs Buhari in the right perspective with his drawing adding that her daughter’s wedding has nothing to do with the present hardship Nigerians are facing

In an interview with BBC, Bulama stated that he meant no harm. He expressed surprise with the reaction the cartoon got and also appealed to those in power to help the poor masses.

“I mean no harm for the marriage of Hanan Buhari. I was only doing my work. In the cartoon, l was just trying to show the experience of Nigerians currently.

“This is the first time I will get reaction from such high place to my work. It shows that those in power actually see and listen to us. I hope we continue to inspire them to make life easier for the people”, he said


  1. Atleast They Should Know Nigerians
    Are Not In Gud Condition With The
    Inflation On Goods am just sick nd tied of this godforsaken country

  2. Wow should be a congratulate she happy. Happiness is valuing what you have, and enjoying the people, places, objects and events in your life for what they are. It’s not about changing and achieving all the time; sometimes it’s about being and appreciating.

  3. They use to hear our agitation but deviant to it. She may not be the one responsible for the hardship we are facing currently but her husband is in control of everything in Nigeria and when we are talking about her husband partially we are talking about her.

  4. They always respond to what completely concern them but if it for the masses, they will turn deaf hear to it. Who is responsible for the current hardship we are facing? Is it not your husband? Because he is the GCON in Nigeria, therefore, it concerns you.

  5. Yes kudos to you for a job well done
    You got the cartoon right . Why they are busy swimming in affluence with our common wealth, we are busy struggling not to be drowned in our agony of hunger, starvation and hardship of the highest level
    What the hell is she complaining of when it is obviously clear that the cartoon says the truth all
    Let them make amends and stop complaining
    The masses are drowning in poverty,hunger, insecurity, no clean water, no electricity supply, no good roads, no good schools and no hospitals and they are busy enjoying every good things of life
    It is unfair nah

  6. I really love the gift so much, Aishat Buhari will never appreciate it because the image shows as embarrassment to her. I love you man you are a great. The image shows how Nigeria are feeling in your husband administration so you need to welcome the it. Thank you

  7. first lady pretend like she care , she is only deceiving Nigerians just like her husband did, and they probably know what they are doing..

  8. I love the cartoonist reply, he showed his interest toward the masses and not an Ill feeling with the government.
    Aisha burari’s reply shows that the people in government know what is going on with the masses. They are aware of every news headline and the people’s reaction.

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