Makinde squandering Oyo money on Vice Presidential ambition – APC alleges

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The Oyo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused the Governor of Oyo state, Seyi Makinde of mismanaging funds

The group alleged that over N7bn had already been squandered by the governor on activities within the PDP in the last six months in a bid to run for the Office of the Vice President in the coming election.

These were some of the accusations that emanated from the meeting of the APC-P group in Ibadan on Friday.

The Chief Convener of the APC-P, Alhaji Adekunle Lawal pointed out that it was disgusting to see Governor Makinde using the state’s resources for campaigning instead of governing.


  1. Politicians are very funny personalities. They must see one thing or the other to accuse any one who is not in the same camp with them of. When you are in the same party with them, they keep a blind eye, but when you are of a different political party, they say one thing or the other against you
    If truly these things the APC is saying against the Oyo state governor are the facts, then the governor should be made to answer for it. The state resources are not his private resources so he should not be using it as if it is his private personal money/funds
    No one is against his bid to contest for any political post he desires but he should use his money to do it and not the Oyo state funds
    Let him be guided

  2. Why are you so bad, I mean APC-P or what the day call them? This is a big leir coming out from them. Sheyi Makinde has been good so far he also been trying, ist because is in PDP is that the reason why you want to rope him. Please don’t disturb him let him focus on his governance and peeople of Oyo State, don’t use your bad mind and bad governance to disturb PDP agenda. Thank you

  3. He working toward change that while never give up to stop use the money for vice presidents because Don’t think for a second your back won’t be stabbed, because people change, and feelings fade, but don’t worry new friendships are made.If he win now if so oyo benefit.

  4. If what they are saying against the State Government is true which means he didn’t try, despite that Our politicians are all the same, none of them that doesn’t squander money given to them for state allocation, so he’s not the first person to do so.

  5. You need to put you house in order before poke nose in another person’s matter, what is the meaning of APC-P? You people should allow makinde to face governance and it’s too early for this attraction. APC-P or whatever you called yourself should allow makinde to continue with his good work and you shouldn’t distract him.

  6. We have not yet in campaign period not to talk of election period. Though all these politicians know yourself and you know what you people capable of doing, I will just implore you not to waste the resources of the state on unreality thing because 2023 is a little bit far and nobody knows tomorrow. Makinde should face governance completely and leave those critics alone and he should not allow him to disturb or district him because the people of oyo state are not complaining.

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