20-year-old student killed by her boyfriend who was paid N2m to use her for ritual in Lagos

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Toluwalase Kembi said to be a 20-year-old Business Administration student of the Federal polytechnic, Ilaro, Ogun State has been confirmed dead after being killed by her a man she was seeing in the Ikorodu area of Lagos state.

The deceased who was declared missing weeks ago, had gone to cook for one Owolabi Yusuf who is reportedly an alfa and also her side piece. However unknown to the student who is engaged to another man, Yusuf had been paid N2million to kill her for ritual.

20-year-old student killed by boyfriend who was paid N2m to use her for ritual in Lagos

The suspect was arrested in Ilorin, Kwara State after the police who got involved in the case after the student was declared missing in August 2020, tracked the deceased’s phone to a man who revealed that he bought it from him (Yusuf). 

Confessing to the crime, the suspect who is now in the custody of Elere Police Division, Agege said he killed her using a pestle with the help of three others currently at large. He subsequently cut her into small pieces for ritual purposes.


    1. We don’t even have human feeling in our country. How can a someone use a human being like him for money ritual. May Lord have mercy upon us.

  1. That’s why a lady won’t just jump into a relationship, you need to know the person very well i.e attitude, character, behavior etc because nowadays there is no true love everywhere, even those boys with legis or what do they call it are not ready to marry but father to the baby. May God punish the boy and those who have their hands in it.

    1. The training of a girl child is very important. Most girls engage in relationship their parents do not and cannot know about.
      Just desist from any relationship your parent cannot know about. It’s the best way to be safe.

  2. Where are we heading to in this country? Everything has turned upside down, there is no fear of God everywhere. When the heart of adolescents nowadays full of evil then what can we be expecting of tomorrow? Killing a fellow human being with pestle and cut it into pieces, OMG! What do we call this? May God punish who did this and his entire generation. so saddened.

  3. Mtchewww!!! This type of story shocks me. It peaces me off. How can someone lift his or her hands and murder another person
    So many things that God will judge.
    The killer should be prosecuted and dealt with accordingly and severely
    May the soul of this lady rest in peace and may God Almighty give her family and loved ones the fortitude to bear this great loss

  4. God protect the ladies o fake lovers everywhere no one is to be trusted again. Lord please come and the control of this country because i don’t know where its heading to. Truely this is end time, everyone should be careful and amend his or her ways

  5. That’s Why A Lady Won’t Just Jump Into A Relationship, You Need To Know The Person Very Well I.E Attitude, Character, Behavior Etc Because Nowadays There Is No True Love Everywhere, Even Those Boys With Legis Or What Do They Call It Are Not Ready To Marry But Father To The Baby.the guy should kill as well.

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