Bobrisky mocks celebrities who looked down on him when he was upcoming; Says he’s now richer than them

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Bobrisky has taken to social media to mock Nigerian celebrities who insulted and looked down on him when he was struggling.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, the Nigerian crossdresser said he is now richer and have more Instagram followers than many of these celebrities,  though he didn’t mention any names.  Listing his luxury cars, Bobrisky said

”Guys, if you notice me when I was becoming so famous, like about two to three years ago, a lot of celebrities insulted me, they looked down on me, but now I have them in the number of followers. They know themselves. I have a Bentley, they don’t have any car.”


  1. Go and settle with them, as for me I don’t know what to say to you
    Wealth is not everything but the source of the wealth
    What is his / her job
    A lot of things God Almighty is going to

  2. Not only you, if you are struggling everybody will mock you but when you are somebody everybody will become your friend. So, don’t see them as your enemies.

  3. Nobody knows when you are nobody but when you are somebody everybody will become your friend. Then, why disturbing yourself on that? You should should work hard to earn more, you should always move forward and forget about those who mocks you.

  4. This guy is not ashamed of himself o, thank God you are still using HE when talking about yourself. If I may ask who made you a celebrity. Mr. Man you are not a celebrity as far as Nigeria is concern stop deceiving yourself with that, because we know our celebrities in this country.

  5. Look at me young man, I want you to know that everything is not your power. Don’t misbehave to any one because of your rich.

  6. There is no need shaming or seeing them as enemy, once you are broke or struggling in life these are the challenges you go through.

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