Man sells his set of twins for N150,000

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The police in Anambra state have arrested a 31-year-old man, Chijioke Chukwulota, pictured above, for selling his set of twins born to him by his ex-girlfriend.

According to a statement released by the spokesperson of the state police command, SP Haruna Mohammed, Chijioke allegedly lured his ex-girlfriend to his home on August 8 and stole the children (twins baby girls) aged about two months and sold them to one Tina Ibeato, 31, of Imo State at the rate of one hundred and fifty thousand(#150,000)Naira only.

Haruna said the suspects have been arrested and the children recovered in good condition.

Man sells his set of twins for N150,000 (photo)

He said an investigation is ongoing into the matter and that the suspects would be brought to book soon


  1. when you know that you can’t take care of a child,avoid something’s,what is #150,000 naira do you know what that child is going to be come in future.

  2. Is it poverty that turn there brain upside down? Some people will just be thinking like goat. Even goat won’t sell his pikin

  3. Is it poverty or what or is it that the man has not seen 150,000 in his life ? This man should be penalize so it will sound as a warning to others.

  4. No kind of stories we aren’t going to hear in our country, not for even a better price..If you aren’t capable enough to train them why not take them to motherless baby home, you don’t know if those twins are blessed child, that can change your situation when they are grown-up

  5. Why now. Ist because of the poverty? Anyway that was President Muhammadu Buhari turn us to in the country, but he couldn’t have done that now, 150k can not rich you in this life, does twins are your future richer. Please police I want you to counseling the parents to stop it. God we do the best for them.

  6. Mhhhhh!!!! Mtcheeeeew!!! Chai!!!! Na waoh!!!
    What is this world turning into. A place one will be hearing all sorts of bad news? How can someone sell his children to another person just for money.
    No right thinking person will try this madness no matter the amount he or she will receive
    When I hear this type of story, I wonder whether the person/persons involved are real human beings or not
    The police should investigate this guy well to know his clique and arrest all involved in this wickedness
    This is purely man’s inhumanity against man
    They should be dealt with severely and accordingly so as to act as a detriment to others who might want to try this

  7. This is so sad, if you don’t pity yourself, you ought to have pitied the woman or lady who gave birth to the children because she carried the pregnancy for the period of nine to ten months, during the laboured period you need to know what she went through that it’s not easy. Police should let them dance to the music of law if found guilty.

  8. Why are we just wicked like this, selling twins baby just like that at the rate of #150 , this is wickedness. There are different sort of evil act that people are committing nowadays, if it’s our sins may God forgive us. They charge them to court and return the children to the owner (mother).

  9. What are they turning Imo State into, a baby factory State or what nah? It was early this month that someone that called herself grandmother sold his grandchild and now this, all in Imo State. What is 150, 000k for a set of twins this man you sure say well at all. I dont think that its poverty that led you to do this, they should interrogate him more he will say the reason behind him selling his set of twins. Many families are suffering sleepless night to get even one, you that God bless with twins and your selling them.

  10. Wonders they say shall not end o, I have confirmed it today, the selling is not my problem my problem is the Amount in which he sold them. That man should be jailed

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