Those calling me ‘Supreme court governor’ are ignorant – Uzodinma

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Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma has described the people calling him a supreme court governor as ignorant. He made this remark while speaking when he featured during a Channels TV program.

The governor expressed that those describing him by that tag lack understanding of how the court works.

Recall that at the beginning of the year, the Supreme Court declared Uzodinma as governor after ruling that Emeka Ihedioha, who was announced winner of the state governorship poll, was not duly elected.

When asked during the show about the label, he responded that his emergence followed due process.

He said he was not the first person to have been declared the winner of an election by the court, wondering why his case should be different.

“It is the height of ignorance because I don’t know what they mean by that,” the governor said


  1. But come to think of it, the people calling him Supreme Court governor are right, after all his emergence as the governor of Imo state was from a decision taken by the Supreme Court
    He is not supposed to be annoyed because right deep inside him, he knows it is the truth

  2. process.

    He Said He Was Not The First Person To Have Been Declared The Winner Of An Election By The Court, Wondering Why His Case Should Be Different.He should just forgives them and answer them.

  3. You should face governance and forget about any names you have been called, for now what matter most is how take care of your people and how they are going to enjoy the dividend of democracy.

  4. As you said, you are not the first person to be declared by the supreme Court and you will not be the last person then why disturbing yourself with what people say. Stop listening to what people say and face the government squarely.

  5. They are not because of what you are doing in the state. If not because of supreme Court ruling, you will not the governor of the state

  6. Let me remember you his name in case you don’t know.,..Hope Uzodinma, why are you calling him governor of supreme? He is a governor of imo state not supreme.

  7. If you don’t like the name step aside let the real state governor enter.
    As long as u say you say you hate the name, people won’t stop calling you that.

  8. You Are Not The First Person To Be Declared By The Supreme Court And You Will Not Be The Last Person Then Why Disturbing Yourself With What People Say. Stop Listening To What People Say And Face The Government Squarely.

  9. Ignorant of the fact that u did not win 2 local govt out 27 local govt in IMO state right? Or is it ignorant of the fact that Supreme court justices wrongfully handed you victory knowing fully well that you were not even legible to stand as APC candidate in that election given the same supreme court judgment as regards to authentic candidate of APC?
    In fact, all of u who participated in one way or the other to criminally subvert the will of Imolites as was clearly expressed at the poll would never know peace.

  10. But that’s what you are oga Hope or were you elected? The answer is capital No, so if they are calling you Supreme Governor accept it with joy because that what you Mr. Man
    Majority in Imo State are not seeing you as their Governor if you don’t know that know it now, our Governor is Sir EMEKA IHEDIOHA.

  11. The process that brought you to power was suspicious and dubios and that is the reason why most people call you supreme court governor
    Coming all the way from the fourth (4th) pisition to 1st position, to become the governor
    This sounds somehow nah

  12. If truly due process was follow for your emergence as the governor of the state, then forget what people say and perform your duty. But the truth is, people are watching and are not ignorant about happenings around.

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