COVID-19 is a sign that God is not happy with us – Aisha Buhari

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First Lady Aisha Buhari has stated that the COVID-19 pandemic is a sign that God is not happy with us. 

Aisha Buhari said this on Friday, September 25, 2020, at the national mosque during a public lecture to mark Nigeria’s 60th independence anniversary.

The First Lady who urged Nigerians to pray for peace, progress and sustainable development as the country marks its 60th independence anniversary, also appealed to Nigerians to keep supporting the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration to ensure better welfare, saying the president cannot do it alone.

She said; 

The world is no longer the same as a result of the pandemic and the pandemic is a sign that almighty God is not happy with us.

“We need to pray for forgiveness. I think we have no choice than to continue asking for forgiveness from almighty Allah.

“The president cannot do it alone. He needs the support and cooperation of all Nigerians, including his appointees, to go in line with his change mantra.


  1. she is right, since covid_19 started Nigeria has never seek the face of God, we really need to ask for forgiveness come to think of it the world is no longer the same anymore almost everyday you must hear of death, or rapping etc.

  2. Let your husband called Muhammadu Buhari ask for forgiveness from Nigerian first before he seeking Allah forgiveness. God can not forgive your husband if he did not create peace in the country. Covid-19bis made for top top people in the country now…it shows you people are very wicked.

  3. You and your husband suppose to have die with covid-19 because I don’t know why you pleading to God. The virus shows signed that Your husband is not the right Man for Nigeria. Covid-19 is for you and our majority leader.

  4. She should direct that talk to the right channel and that right channel is no other person than her husband who happens to be the one at the helms of affairs of the government that is proven to be anti people oriented

  5. Everybody knows that God is really angry with us because we have committed a lot of atrocities in our dealings in everyday activities, we need to repent and beg Almighty God for his forgiveness.

  6. God must angry with us because the level we are committing crime day in day out is beyond explanation. for instance, you posted again that 72 year old papa deflowered a 10 years old what do called call this? And many more like this, we should seek for God’s mercy and repent our sins.

  7. Even those people we call men of God to be lead by example are even the one leading in committing most of the evils we are talking about. Those insurgencies have wasted many innocent souls. We should all seek for his forgiveness including our leaders that can go to any length to achieve their aims.

  8. true talk, the number of innocent people dying per day is alarming. Nigeria case is now worst pass other countries because our leaders have turn Nigeria to the capital city of all evil things.

  9. Her husband Buhari is one of the reasons God is not please with Nigeria. Let her tell her husband to repent and ask for forgiveness.

  10. A quick reminder madam, God is not happy with your husband either, he has achieved in bringing untoldhardship to the innocent Nigerians in his terror reigns. the day of reckoning beckons.

  11. The first lady has said the truth. We all are aware of what she is saying
    The whole problem lies on them in power
    They have to change the way they handle the affairs of this country especially finding ways to stop the blood shed in this country which is too much and worrinsome

  12. You are very correct First Lady the Covid-19 is the wrath of God that befall the whole world and again its a sign of end time his second coming is at hand. So everybody should amend his or her ways and do what is right….

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