FFK slams Buhari for blaming past leaderships for the Country’s predicaments

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Former Minister for Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode has slammed Buhari for blaming past leaderships for the Country’s present predicaments.

Buhari, during his 60th Independence Anniversary speech, said that “those in the previous Governments from 1999 to 2015, who presided over the near destruction of the country, have now the impudence to attempt to criticize our efforts.”

Reacting to this, FFK in a tweet via his Twitter handle described the president’s remarks as “a case of misplaced aggression, an expression of frustration and an acknowledgement of his own failings

He wrote:

“It is sad that Buhari attacked Obasanjo, Yar’adua and Jonathan in his speech.

“This is a case of misplaced aggression, an expression of frustration and an acknowledgement of his own failings.

“OBJ, UMYA & GEJ gave us back our dignity and self-respect. PMB came and took them back from us.”


  1. President muhammadu buhari is such a useless leader. He did not know the rightful things to do. He is condemning the previous government under the administration of President olusegun obasanjo, UMY, GEJ. From 1999 to 2015. Buhari has frustrated already, we know how much we are buying things in the previous government, things like… petrol, kerosine, rice, semovita and bag of cement. Take look of your present administration…all things are so very expensive. Don’t even dere those three past president. Because they are not like you idiot.

  2. He was trying to protect his hard leadership. Nigeria know the best among you people, you are incomparable. You can’t compare your administration to either President olusegun obasanjo, yaradua, good luck Jonathan. They are wonderful leader in the country.

  3. I can’t blame president buhari bit those who wrote that speech for him, UMYA met petrat 70 naira and return it to 65 during his tenure with many achievement but you keep increase PMS without nothing to show for it.

  4. Since the beginning that he had been blaming the previous administration don show that he had no good plans to take the out of our predicament but to add to his because his administration made everything worse

  5. Sometimes FFK will make sense but look at what he said it’s really a fact. Buhari also is one of the past president that also responsible for this predicament, he should face governance and look a way forward on how to make life comfortable and meaningful for his citizens.

  6. sir pls leave him he don’t know what else to say because he don’t just want to accept that he has disappointed Nigeria’s so he is just looking for who to blame

  7. I don’t know why they are blaming the past administration for their predicaments lemme ask the rate of killings now was it like before or the rate of rapping was it like this when past administration was ruling us. Ok enter inside market the cost of things was not like this, abi na the high fuel price, a bag of rice, electricity price a lot of them too numerous to mention. So they should stop blaming anybody and check themselves.

    1. Must buhari keep blaming the past regime’s for he’s woe’s and ineptitudes. youre in power to fix the past wrongs let that sink,if you can’t, baba resign honorably and leave us in peace which you’ve shattered as it stands.

  8. All these propaganda games are not needed right now
    It has been long we have been hearing these excuses from this APC Led government
    When will they face the actual leadership and stop the blame game

  9. All of you are bird of a feather, no one is exclude including you that you are talking, you should have the interest of the masses in your Earth not to be selfish.

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