‘Being a girlfriend is not a job’ – Reno Omokri

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Former presidential aide, Reno omokri has expressed that a relationship is not a business.

In a post he shared on his official Instagram handle, he made it known that being a girlfriend is not a job and as such no woman should call a man that is not her husband STINGY.

He wrote;

“There are many jobs on Earth:* Doctor* Lawyer* Engineer, etc .Being a girlfriend, however, is NOT one of them. A relationship is not a business. The word STINGY should never be used by a woman to describe any man that is not her husband or father! Only a woman who wants to STING a man accuses him of being STINGY.

“Only a beggar accuses others of being stingy. A worker can’t accuse her boss of being stingy. You work and you are paid. A businesswoman can’t accuse her customer of being stingy. You charge and they pay. Being a girlfriend is neither a job or a business”


  1. Yea you are right,some girls have capitalized on the girlfriend status to liquidate and frustrate men.As a lady get a meaningful work and pay your bill instead of tasking someone’s son.

  2. It comon for us we woman calling some of our boyfriend that don’t normally give us money stingy which is not so. It’s true relationship is not business.

  3. I hate every woman saying that statement that we men are stingy, like you said been boyfriend and girlfriend is meat we are buying and selling goods. And those women don’t play with what they have with man.

  4. You are very correct Sir our girls should find something doing and stop depending on guys who is not even legally married to them. There are many things women can do that will put money in their hands and food on their their tables because guys now don’t like giving freely again o except they have a taste of the girl (s*x).

  5. Some ladies do not see it that way because they have believed that once they have a boyfriend, he is the one to be taking care of their responsibility if those ladies could amend their ways it would be better for them.

  6. Once you have not getting married he (boyfriend) is not in position of doing everything for you and even if you have married, though he (husband) is the one needs to be cater for needs but he might not have to that extent. Therefore you don’t need to be calling him stingy man.

  7. Ladies of nowadays do not use to appreciate little things because no matter how small things you do they need to appreciate it. Those girlfriend should find something or work to do because they won’t bother to look elsewhere and face their works.

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