Center your artistry on something that will last, stop shaking bumbum – Onyeka Onwenu tells female artists

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Veteran singer, Onyeka Onwenu, has advised female musicians to focus more on producing meaningful contents and leaving behind legacies that will last even after they are no more.

The singer had a recent interview with TheNation, where she also suggested that female musicians should desist from shaking their derrières because men don’t do it.

In her words;

“Be careful of what you live for posterity. If you can’t give your best, don’t step out because what you recorded is always going to be there for long, so you got to give it the very best.

“Center your artistry around something that will last with meaning, not just shaking bumbum and it’s just the women that are always shaking it, the men don’t shake anything.

“Women are worth more than shaking their bumbum. Enough of the bumbum. Though, everyone is free to be creative, but just know that yours will not last while the other person with meaningful lyrics will remain evergreen


  1. That’s good advise for women if they will listen to it. Instead of only shaking their bumbum, they should be creative.

  2. Ladies are fun of shaking their bumbum only in order to attract men for the purpose of money but now as you advise they should listen to it.

  3. Try to use the talent that God have you to bless humanity, been a musician is the very great opportunity for them… because is easy to preach to life through the music. Try to make impact when you are still alive so that your music can defined you when you are no more.

  4. I don’t think those ladies are after prosperity except what they will eat at the moment. If they could reason the way those elderly ones do, they surely Know that you telling them the truth.

  5. Some women musicians are so useless, instead of them to focus on there musical talent, they will be doing nonsense following reach men around the corner.

  6. She’s absolutely right, they should focus more on their goal or instead try to pass a meaningful message to the audience.

  7. Onyeka onwenu has said the truth but the actual fact of the matter is that these female musicians don’t even play their music for people to learn any meaningful thing from them.
    They are just in it to make money, they don’t care about any posterity

  8. I Don’t Think Those Ladies Are After Prosperity Except What They Will Eat At The Moment. If They Could Reason The Way Those Elderly Ones Do, They Surely Know That You Telling Them The Truth.

  9. Ladies Are Fun Of Shaking Their Bumbum Only In Order To Attract Men For The Purpose Of Money But Now As You Advise They Should Listen To It.

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