Military intervention today is an aberration – Babangida

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Former head of state, Ibrahim Babangida says any military intervention in politics today is an aberration as any soldier that plots coup at this moment “is stupid.”

He made it known that the United Nations is against any military government and any one who tries to go ahead with it will be sanctioned.

Speaking on Channels Television on Friday night, IBB said, “Military intervention is an aberration and I don’t think we should encourage the military at all.

“From about 1989 till now, things have changed. The whole world has embraced democracy, economic reform, open market and so on and so forth.

“There’s no place for the military in those things that are being accepted now. It is best done by politicians and the civilians so the world is becoming closer together, he said

“Only a stupid soldier will attempt a coup now because the moment you take over a government you find…if you are in West Africa subregion, ECOWAS will come after you, African Union will come after you, European Union will come after you, the superpowers will come after you and everything you have to do in terms of development politically and otherwise will not be accepted until you belong to the comity of nations because you are not going to work alone.

“So if the whole and the United Nations say no ‘you have to run a democratic government’ anybody who tries to change will be sanctioned whether on UN level, AU level or ECOWAS level just like the situation in Mali.”


  1. Babangida is sick upstair, you spoiled Nigeria to thos level, you as a military man can you point the good did you done for Nigeria, we want military government in this country because we can not cope anymore with the present civilian government.

  2. True talk, military intervention is nothing now because so many things have changed a lot. I don’t even encourage them to do so.

  3. Babangida is one of the past president that destroy Nigeria to this extend. He rules the country when we are in military government. He did nothing. We as one Nigeria need military government.

  4. If they can come back and restructure what we are agitating for and give it back to the democracy it will have been better. The way politicians are handling issues is not good at all.

  5. Our politicians are just mismanaging everything, no even distribution in everything they are doing. Their selfishness and corruption is now endemic in Nigeria that is what we should tackle.

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