The only time you matter is during election – Phyno

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Nigerian Rapper, Phyno has shared his opinion on the spate of wrong happenings in the country and he says Nigerians are only remembered when it is time to elect new leaders.

In a post he shared on Twitter, he wrote;

“The only time u matter in Nigeria is when it’s election time .. Jst Knw !!!


  1. We (citizens) are always matter in Nigeria but it’s only that our leaders are not responsible because if they do they will always put us in there hearts.

  2. It’s because of their selfish and corruption, it’s not that they didn’t value us. What he said is truth, we are the one to let them know that we are very useful at all times.

  3. We are the one let the government know that we are very useful more than election period, we should stand up against bad governance in our country.

  4. I swear na true. Phyno spoke well, we only remember when election comes, is this good enough?…our leader should think of tomorrow….this are the work God we ask them how you threat people under your leadership, we don’t need to cause you or causing the country anymore. Just think of tomorrow.

  5. Phyno is absolutely saying the truth, I swear our leader are bastard, they don’t even thinking at all, we citizen only welcome during election. But we don wise we are still expecting them again, fulish people.

  6. You see clear brother They only remember that Nigerians have youths is only during election period after that day they will now be seeing them as lazy youths, but I think that we have learn our lessons we are waiting for them 2023

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