Resign and go back to farming – ASUU tells Nwajiuba

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The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), has urged the Minister of State for Education, Mr. Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, to resign as minister and engage in farming.

The Chairman of ASUU, University of Ibadan chapter, Prof Ayo Akinwole, stated this in a statement in Ibadan while reacting to the minister’s criticism of the union on Tuesday.

The minister in an interview on Monday had suggested farming to the lecturers, who are currently on strike. He insisted that the striking lecturers cannot dictate how they should be paid by their employers.

Reacting to the statement, Professor Akinwole stated that the minister has displayed his naivety on educational matters and the low value placed on education by the current administration.

He added, “If the Minister of State for Education is interested in farming, he should resign his appointment and stop displaying his cluelessness of the problems in the education sector.


  1. A well deserved response, politicians are just only after the wealth of Nigeria not how to move Nigeria forward. How would he opens his mouth and the educationist that they should go back to farm. He is not in charge to advice them or talk to them in that manner.

  2. How would you enforce something on someone, those people you are talking to are not riff raff and how dare him talking to them like that. You may in position for today that doesn’t mean that you are their employer, after 4 years you will leave the place you are and another person will take over. All those novice that president buhari putting in one position or the other will spoil his administration.

  3. Is that how to treat your employees, you will just wake up one day and take decision without having meeting or dialogue with them, that is so bad. Until we get it right to be appointed those who specializes on that field at each cabinet this is the problem that will be emanating from it.

  4. Hmmm.
    The Nigerian government and asuu are playing with the future of Nigeria. something needs to be done to put and end to this chaise play

  5. Hope they resolve there difference just for the sake of the students who have been home and delayed since the beginning of the year….

    1. How can a minister stated that nonsensity, is an insult to the lecturers, he should be the one to resign from minister and face farming.

  6. No b small the man should resign and go back to farming
    ASUU has been on strick for some months now and this minister is not even moved because his children are not schooling here in Nigeria for that reason he doesn’t care for those schooling here. That man should resign joor and government should do something about Nigeria University students we want to go back to school.

  7. ASUU Please go back to class and continue your negotiation with the federal government. Seven good months of covid 19 children are not in school. You may lose sympathy of parents who would want their children return to school. The advantage you have is that not everyone parent can afford private school. Please for Nigeria and for God’s sake go back to work. May God bless you.

  8. This administration is filled with propaganda statements. They seem not to be serious with leadership roles cracking jokes with serious issues

  9. ASUU please should get back to the class and continue negotiation with federal government with ultimatum, the problem we are having with federal government is that they don’t have children in this university we are talking about. ASUU should please go back.

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