Lagos Assembly joins #EndSARS protest

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The Lagos State Assembly has joined the #EndSARS protest and have called on Lagos Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, to protect the protesters while they express their grievances.

The House made this demand after the emergency meeting on Friday to address the call for the scrapping of SARS.

The Assembly then demanded the proscription of SARS and the introduction of a new and well-structured security outfit.

The lawmakers also demanded that the state Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu engage a relevant agency to protect lives and property in the state such that phones, laptops, and other means of communication belonging to youths are not confiscated indiscriminately without a warrant.

The Lagos legislators further urged President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure that culpable SARS operatives receive the punishments prescribed by the National Assembly


  1. I have it that may be they should replace the name SARS with another suitable name and they should make sure that they are well trained and oriented on to discharge their duties.

  2. Yes, that is good development from Lagos State assembly, that means they were hearing our agitations. Police IGP should immediately constitute body of enquiry and ask them to come out with recommendation that will be made public.

  3. Not only this protest by the Lagos State assembly but they can also come out with resolution and send it to IGP through Lagos State commissioner. With what they asked The commissioner of police in Lagos State to do, it’s a welcome development.

  4. Yes o love it , since the Lagos State House of assembly has join the protests, waiting remain again ???? Nigeria is Lagos, and Lagos is also Nigeria. #ENDSARA#ENDSARS#ENDSARS.

  5. If youth did not stand against SARS like this… they will not know there level on the country, kudos to Lagos State House of assembly for instructing State commissioner of police for solid protection to the youth. SARS IS THE END IN NIGERIA.

  6. It is good everyone is putting their voice to end this SARS
    The police that is supposed to be our friends are the highest enemies we have now

  7. They should end SARS o because they have deviated from what they are told to do and now they are killing everyday and harassing people all the time. Lagos Assembly una try wella by telling the Commissioner of Police Lagos to protect the protesters.

  8. Uncle SARS is like the name of political parties. The same person different name. If u end SARS Have you end the persons, what if they change the name and retain the same people?

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