Use this rare opportunity to secure deep changes that will lead to Nigeria’s development – Pastor Sam Adeyemi tells protesters

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Pastor Sam Adeyemi has written a post addressed to #EndSARS protesters amid the ongoing protests across the country. 

The founder of Daystar Christian Centre who noted that most generations rarely have the opportunity to lead the changes they want, told the #EndSARS protesters to use this rare opportunity to secure deep changes that will lead to Nigeria’s development. 

Adeyemi urged the protesters to be peaceful and also participate in elections when the time comes. 

He tweeted; 

1.Rarely does a generation have the opportunity to lead change as the one handed the youths of Nigeria right now through #SARSMUSTEND. It cuts across the fault lines that divide Nigeria.

2.My dear young citizen, you must use this rare opportunity to secure deep changes that will lead to Nigeria’s development. The systems you confront are strategic and tactical. They may be steps ahead. You need to think long term and pace yourself.

3.Speak forcefully but peacefully. Don’t be provoked to violence. Don’t act somebody else’s script. Lightning has enough power to light a city, but it destroys because it has no structure. Shift gear into participation in the political process when the time comes soon.

4.The police officer causing you trauma is also dehumanised by the system. He is paid peanuts and forced to extort money to make his uniform, maintain operational vehicles and retire some to bosses. Fight for him and his children.

5.The generation before yours had such an opportunity 26/27 years ago when the result of a free and fair election was annulled. The protests that ensued partly birthed the democracy we enjoy today. Remind elected leaders you’re only continuing the fight.

6.Some of you will be governors, senators, president, CEOs, etc., in 10 to 20 years. Hold the vision of a developed Nigeria in your heart. Commit to value human life, be honest, promote justice, serve with excellence, and cultivate leadership skills. God will help you. #ENDSARS


  1. We are going to used this opportunity to reform the country as a whole… From the lower level to higher level of authorities in the country

  2. A lot of people say that sars can’t change. I think they’re wrong. My theory is: sars can change. It’s just easier for them not to.

  3. Nigeria is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up

  4. Flexibility is an essential ingredient to building a more robust, tough and resilient you. You got to be able to adjust, adapt, change and thrive no matter what circumstance you find yourself in. Be awesome, be tough and be resilient.Njgeria has final won the protest.

  5. What a wonderful advice to Nigeria youths, if we could do such Nigeria would have been better than this. 1993 election was a memorable year for Nigerians at Large which can never be forgotten in the history of democracy.

  6. Nigeria youths should have change of orientation in our dealings because some of us have it in mind that if we have the opportunity to climb the post of leadership we will get Rich at All cost. Our orientation should change completely in order to have Nigeria of ours.

  7. We (youths) should know that we hold power that can effect positive change in our society but most of are using it negative. We could see all these advise as something that will benefit us it would go a long way in reforming our habit.

  8. Is a good advice from pastor adeyemi, we protester should use the great rare opportunity to use it. When the election come, we can use this protest time to come as unit to vote out any of our unwonted candidate in anytime of election.

  9. We the youth will not sit and allow our future be like stagnate water . it is time to change this country for better

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