Oduduwa republic can split peacefully through a referendum – Gani Adams

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Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land, Iba Gani Adams has shared that the South West can separate from Nigeria without war or bloodshed.

According to him, in order for Nigeria to remain as a unit, President Muhammadu Buhari must not ignore renewed calls for restructuring and the only peaceful way to achieve it is through a referendum.

“Our people in diaspora see a lot of things that we that are in the country don’t see, and these are people that are highly exposed and know whatever is happening in the global community, and this is why they are asking for a separate nation, and I also agree with them,” he was quoted by the Sun at the weekend.

“We can have our Oduduwa Republic in a peaceful way through a referendum. Nigerians from the different zones will cast their votes and decide whether they want Nigeria to remain as one or not. I agree with the Secretary of the Arewa Consultative Forum who said recently that we could break up Nigeria without war,” he added.

He further lamented that the country cannot move forward with the way it was going, noting that injustice, nepotism and corruption were on the increase.


  1. I am in support of any thing that is being done as far as it is done in a peaceful manner
    People must be allowed to air their views

  2. I agree with iba gani Adams for his statement, we can split without anyway. I’m just even praying that President muhammadu buhari should do mistake to listen to oduduwa republic as we are demanding our freedom. We are over 60m and we have allot of our state. Let be one and unity. I belong to ODUDUWA REPUBLICAN

  3. Though, you have spoken your mind but one thing I want you to remember is that with the disintegration of the unity of Nigeria, didn’t stand to gain anything, oneness of Nigeria is matter most and must not be toyed with.

  4. Nigeria is old enough to have the younger country split from Nigeria, we can never move forward or progress if we still continue like this, and as I’m concerned 👍 I did not see any green light from Nigeria to move forward. In addition…I have one advise for Nigeria, because as a country concerned Nigeria can not be naming Nigeria if we citizen are not there, my advise for country is to reduce all senator money and do some ammedment in the Constitution.

  5. True talk but I think what you should or we should be agitating for is restructuring in such a way that the allowances that our politicians are earning should be reduced drastically and also our should also be reformed with this I hope changes will come out from it.

  6. President buhari should listen to our agitations and do the needful because restructuring will go a long way. We have a lot of things to reform in Nigeria not only SARS. This is integration is not the issue for now.

  7. That is not gonna happen…. The federal government will not allow it because many people will not benefits from divisions of country and it is us the masses that is gonna suffer the consequences

  8. Please Nigerian government should allow anybody or tribe that wants to be free to be nothing like one Nigeria again, so if Oduduwas are agitating to be free their request should be granted for them, same with Biafra people they should be allowed to go too.

  9. No doubt restructuring is the best way, but for so long we’ve been talking about it and the government has not made any plan towards that.

  10. Please you people should keep talking and putting actions behind it, so that this country can be divided after all so many African nations are not as big as half of Nigeria and they are doing well. I believe we will do better and people will be happy if we divide this country

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