Muslim Man condemns Aisha Yesufu for partaking in EndSARS protest says it is un-Islamic (Photo)

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A Muslim man has condemned Aisha Yesufu for partaking in the ongoing EndSARS protest, he put up an iconic photo of Aisha Yesufu protesting with other end SARS protesters and marred it with a red X.

According to the man, her action is un-Islamic as he dissociated her actions from Islam.

He wrote on the photo: “Don’t be deceived by the hijab-wearing revolutionary. Islam is free from her actions.”

When another Muslim man reached out to him, he reportedly said “Islam is against protests” except when it’s Jihad to sight in the cause of Allah.

Muslim Man condemns Aisha Yesufu for partaking in EndSARS protest says it is un-Islamic (Photo) 4


  1. There is no type of rubbish you will not hear in this country
    This man must be crazy…o
    That is all I have to say
    Long Live Aisha Yesufu
    You are a hero

  2. You are against her partaking in the #EndSARS protest because these people (SARS) are not there in any northern part of this country. She has the interest of her country at heart not all these janjawees.

  3. I might not against this protest if it’s a man but Allah doesn’t allow women to lead anything publicly. That’s truth of ii.

  4. Sometimes, people doesn’t want to hear about religion because if we could truly understand our religious better according to the way Almighty God laid the rules down Nigeria would have been great than this.

  5. Aesha Yusuf should take it easy and leave everything for men to do so. It’s not encouraging for women to be leading a protest.

  6. Anybody can protest is either you are with hijab or not protest is protest……she did it just because he want freedom for our child.

  7. They are killing u, killed ur family n innocent people and you are out there saying the protest of Aisha is d unislamic. Please let leave religion out of this and be realistic.

  8. Aday feel you my woman AISHA YUSUFU you are less concerned about what anybody said, tell the you have children and a free fulture life for your children.

  9. Is it Un-Islamic to protest or what? Is Nigeria a religion, Even if Aisha is an Islam, she is a Nigerian and participating in National movement.

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