Nigerian police officers go months without pay but are handed guns to protect Nigerians – Tiwa Savage reveals

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Popular Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage has shared some details about the wages of Nigerian police officers.

In a post she shared via her twitter handle, she made it known that while the leaders are paid billions to sleep in the senate, police men are not paid but handed guns to protect the people

She concluded by questioning who the real criminals are.

She tweeted thus:

“I’ve spoken to a few in confidentiality about how low they are paid and how they go months without pay but are handed guns to protect Nigerians. While our leaders in the words of @n6oflife are paid billions to show up at the senate to fall asleep. Who are the real murderers here.”


  1. That’s true talk about the situation in Nigeria not only Nigerian police, even workers in Nigeria are paying peanut but those political office holders are taking fat of it.

  2. Nigerian politicians are the real problems in Nigeria if we could also protest in order to let them cut their allowances and salary the will be ready to serve us not after our resources.

  3. They are the ones that we need to scrape out of the pictures….they offer us nothing other than just to eat our money

  4. Until we change our constitution, I don’t our system of governing can change because all those in charge are not ready to show concern for the masses. Owing workers months without paying, not ready to pay minimum wage and many more but they are collecting their own money and allowances without itches. That’s the act of wickedness.

  5. Those useless judiciary and executive are just chopping our money… We need to reform them or kill em all the country to progress but this buahri administration is the worse of a kind

  6. They are all birds of same feathers. But what are protesting against is the killing of innocent nigerians and their criminal act.

  7. Maybe government want the Police to protect them with an empty stomach then they forget that a hungry man is an angry man, but they senators receive salaries
    only for sleeping in the senate house. God is watching

  8. I know it seems hard sometimes but remember one thing. Through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it get, just being dedicate to your work.

  9. The senators are the murderers because they loot our monies without doing any work at all
    Tiwa Salvage is right

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