CNN’s Richard Quest marries longtime male partner

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CNN anchor Richard Quest has gotten married to his longtime male partner Chris Pepesterny.

Quest made the announcement on Instagram, writing: “We said ‘I Do’ at the weekend. Happiest day of our lives.”

CNN journalist Richard Quest marries longtime male partner

The two got engaged in May 2019, after his lover agreed to the journalist’s marriage proposal.

CNN journalist Richard Quest marries longtime male partner

In March, they were forced to postpone their wedding but promised to tie the knot before the end of the year.

Quest announced at the time: “Today Chris and I were supposed to get married in London. Of course we had to postpone. Sad but necessary.  We will marry later in the year, with a bigger party. I wanted to acknowledge how we are all facing such difficult times, in so many different ways. This too shall pass.”

CNN journalist Richard Quest marries longtime male partner


  1. All this you are doing is not welcome by God is against the God law, how can a man be married each other, both Qur’an and Bible is against it, is better you put stop to Gale.

  2. I don’t hate you, I hate what you do, and who you have become as a person.stop this Madness’s before it become too late.

  3. Oooh my goodness…what is this for God sake??? Is not proper now👋 how two man go day marry themselves now????? Well there’s God. I thank our Nigeria formal President Dr goodluck ebele Jonathan for not approve Gale in to Nigeria constitution.

  4. From the first time they met I knew they were meant to be together God put them together and that way it “ill stay Happy

  5. If you are really lucky, you will find one person who will walk through life with you no matter what.there bound is strong.

  6. This is an evil act. Those of you over there that are practicing gay or homosexual absolutely know that it was not supported by Almighty God.

  7. This is Sodom and godom that vex Almighty God to the extent that God killed everyone at that time, that is the same thing that people of nowadays lay their hands upon. Hmmmm

  8. Which difficulties are you facing? You have not facing any difficulties because the one you will face in the face of God would be brutal. It’s better you repent before it’s too late.

  9. Such an Idiot! So he is been a Gay all along, it is now clear why CNN propaganda tools are focused on Trump. CNN must be a beehive of LGBTQ+ from their stand against Righteousness. Thunder fire them!

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