Nigerians in New York stage EndSARS protest (Photos)

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Nigerians residing in New York have staged a protest to also demand the end of SARS as well as a reform of the Nigerian Police Force.

The protesters marched on the streets of Manhattan to the United Nations house where they demanded the Deputy UN Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed, to speak out condemning police brutality in Nigeria

Nigerians in New York stage EndSARS protest (Photos) 10Nigerians in New York stage EndSARS protest (Photos) 11Nigerians in New York stage EndSARS protest (Photos) 12Nigerians in New York stage EndSARS protest (Photos) 13


  1. Nigeria government should make hay while the sun shine because if care is not taking it may lead to total revolution. They should quickly address the issues.

  2. This is leading to to something else, that means the world are watching our leaders where they taking us to and the steps that they will take. Ok oooo

  3. Nigerians have been complaining about the brutality of police in general not only SARS but they turned their deaf hear. I hope they will sanction those err officers. Well done over there.

  4. Weldone brothers and sisters, we are in this together and together we will fight this monster to a stand still
    Kudos for your support there

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