Lady buys carton of indomie with COVID-19 sticker in Akwa Ibom (Photo)

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A Nigerian lady has lamented over the insensitivity of some Nigerians who go about selling Covid-19 palliatives.

In a Facebook post, the lady, Inemesit Green-Nathaniel said she bought a carton of Indomie and removed a Covid-19 sticker found on it stating that the indomie is not for sale.

“I don’t really know what took my mind to this pack of indomie in my house, I decided to remove this new sticker from it, lo and behold at the back of it I saw Covid 19, Not for sale.

“So all this while I have been buying my own right? So if you are looking for warehouse in Akwa ibom, our own palliatives has been sold out to us. HOW HEARTLESS CAN PEOPLE BE?”, She lamented.

Lady buys carton of indomie with COVID-19 sticker in Akwa Ibom (Photo) 4


  1. I think the fault is from government not from those who looted it because if it has been distributed in the right time, nobody will loot it.

  2. That’s where we found ourselves in this country when so many people are complaining of hunger while few people hoard the food and have more than enough. It’s over to God.

  3. Where are we heading to? Selling the palliative that meant to cushion the effect of hunger in the country is Wickedness.

  4. Why is it that Nigerians don’t like to do things as directed
    Why should they start selling covid 19 parliative
    This is unfair nah

  5. See something now, see what is supposed to share for us…is been selling to us… waiting we go call this now.

  6. That’s Nigeria for you, that’s why they said … Nigeria should have separate . YOUTUBE channel… because Nigeria as a country is so funny. How can you be selling what to be share the citizen in the country.

  7. You see people have started selling the Covid-19 Palliatives to masses. You see how wicked and greedy this people are.

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