‘I will sponsor Campaigns to keep remembering bad Politicians till 2023’ – Eldee

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Former rapper, Lanre Dabiri, better known as Eldee, has stated that he is ready to sponsor online campaigns so that bad politicians will not be forgotten till the next general elections in 2023.

The veteran artist took to his Twitter page to share that it is an advice which he received and he is ready to work on.

In his words:

“Best advice I heard today is to document all the bastard politicians, their position on #endsars and their current stance against the people, so that we may never forget. Replay it regularly until 2023. I will personally run facebook campaigns for as many as I can afford.”


  1. That’s good ideas because we really forget things easily but if there is an avenue to keep remembering us, it will serve as an advantage to us.

  2. Those bad politicians do not want to regret their attitudes and also believe that what they did is good. I surely know that they will regret their attitudes.

  3. I don’t think we will forget so easily, though, we (human being) are prone to forget and I hope we won’t forget so easily. It’s a welcome development.

  4. Good one bro. let keep d memory fresh. let keep telling them how they fail those they are elected to service.how they order for there shooting,how they keep there food away from them.

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