Nigerian lawyer calls for the removal of Arabic inscription from currency

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A court in Lagos is due to hear a case filed by a lawyer against the Central Bank of Nigeria to demand the removal of Arabic inscriptions on the local currency.

The lawyer, Malcolm Omirhobo also wants the Nigerian army to remove the inscription from its military logo saying it portrays Nigeria as an Islamic state contrary to the country’s constitutional status of a secular state.

According to Omirhobo, he wants the Arabic inscriptions replaced with either English or any of Nigeria’s three main local languages – Hausa, Yoruba, or Igbo.

The central bank had however denied the inscriptions were a symbol or mark of Islam.


  1. Okay this is noted and I feel he is not out of point
    Since Nigeria is not made up of one tribe or religion, it is not fair writing any Islamic whatever on our currency

  2. This is funny, everyone just want to be popular in this country. Please with all that is happening in the country he couldn’t pick any issue. Who you help

  3. Honestly these arabic inscriptions on our notes has never occured to me. If Nigeria was a secular state….why should the naira notes be inscribed on arabic truly? Another protest in the making.

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