#EndSARS: ‘CBN dragged into gutters of Nigerian Politics’ – Dele Momodu

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Publisher of Ovation Magazine, Dele Momodu has described the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, as the 37th State in Nigeria.

Reacting to a tweet by Muiz Banire, a former Chairman of Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria and APC Chieftain in Lagos, who stated that Nigeria’s apex bank does not have the power to investigate crimes, Dele Momodu described the move by the CBN to freeze the accounts as unconstitutional and questionable.

According to the former presidential candidate, CBN has allowed itself to be dragged into the ‘Gutters of Nigerian politics.”

“The Central Bank of Nigeria has been unfortunately dragged into the gutters of Nigerian politics. Seems we now have the 37th Governor managing the 37th State in our long-suffering nation without being elected… he said


  1. CBN has already deviated from her norms which is to supervise and regulate the activities of the bank but the governor has been used by politicians to politicize her activities which is bad.

  2. The problem we are facing in this country is that before getting or upholding any posts, it must be endorsed by one or two politicians then tell me how would that person won’t dance to the person’s tune. Shameful act.

  3. Not only CBN has been drag to the gutter including our security agencies because most of these posts are not anymore by merit but who you know.

  4. The cbn is not supposed to be a political tools for those useless politicians… It’s independent body and supposed to act as one…

  5. Its all poltics why should CBN take laws into their hands
    Freezing endsars protesters account all in the name of suspected fraudulent activities

  6. You are right sa dele
    This is like this because we live in a country where they lol is not our priority otherwise why would the the Central Bank of Nigeria freeze they are count of it innocent citizen is unfair

  7. I really wonder why the central bank of Nigeria should stoop so low and allow itself to be dragged into the dirty water of Nigerian politics
    They should try to mend their way..o

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