Kleptocrats have formed a major part of Buhari’s Govt – Ndume

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Lawmaker representing Borno South Senatorial District, Senator Ali Ndume has expressed that President Muhammadu Buhari is being betrayed by some kleptocrats in his government.

Senator Ndume made this known while speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics. He said President Buhari is a genuine person that has the interest of the common man at heart.

“He has integrity and the competence but unfortunately, the kleptocrats in the government have formed the majority and therefore betraying the laudable policies that the president wants to implement.”

Ndume opined that President Buhari has performed on the three major agendas which he came into power which are to secure the country, to fight corruption, and to provide infrastructure.

He, however, noted that the implementation of certain policies as put forth by the president is where the problem lies.

According to the lawmaker, the president cannot do it all by himself, so he had to appoint persons to act in various capacities but some have failed to deliver on the job.


  1. One of major reason we voted for president buhari is to kill corruption but during his regime the corruption has now been legalized without doing anything. This so bad of his government.

  2. Were you not part of them or do you want to exonerate yourself? Which is impossible. Why he prosecute those involved and give another people chance.

  3. Though, the president can’t do it all but he is also GCFR of the federal republic of Nigeria, then can’t he stands firm on his decision without looking back.

  4. When you are talking about corrupt and greed people, why are you there as national assembly? Is it not to checkmate him and his cabinet of what they are doing? Bird of a feather.

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