Jesus Christ shouldn’t be portrayed as White – Archbishop of Canterbury

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The Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Reverend Justin Welby says Jesus Christ shouldn’t be portrayed as white stating that Christians should have a rethink considering the black lives matter movement.

He said this while speaking on the BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme as he was asked if Jesus’ characterization needed to be looked at.
“Yes of course it does, this sense that God was white. You go into churches around the world and you don’t see a white Jesus. You see a black Jesus, a Chinese Jesus, a Middle Eastern Jesus, which is, of course, the most accurate, you see a Fijian Jesus.”
The Archbishop insisted he did not want to “throw out” the past but said the “universality” of Christ needs a rethink
“Jesus is portrayed in as many ways as there are cultures, languages and understandings. And I don’t think that throwing out everything we’ve got in the past is the way to do it. But I do think saying ‘that’s not the Jesus who exists, that’s not who we worship’, it is a reminder of the universality of the God who became fully human.”


  1. The Bible was originally written by white man who saw God through whiteman view of point and picture. The Isrealis are the chosen people of God so the Bible tell us and the Isrealis are white. The generation of Jesus came and was traced from Adam in the Old Testament to Joseph the earthly father of Jesus in the New testament. And in this genealogy, there was no Blackman. So what are we saying. Untill Blackman WRITE their own BiBLE and find their own Black Jesus, they will forever be prosecuted, intimidated, haunted, hunted, and killed by the white. The bible said it when it said in the Old testament and i quote ‘untill u cast away the yoke of slavery, u will serve ur younger brother” unquote. Then what is the yoke of slavery hung on blackman neck. Answer: blackman sold or mildly put, forfeited his Birthrite to his younger twin brother because he was hungry. He said and I quote “Of what use is birthrite to me when i am famish” That statment and act have enslaved Blackman for life and made him inferior to his white counterpart. Chew upon this folks

  2. If you look at where Jesus came from (origin), it is now let to you to decide where he came from. You may have kind of Jesus that you mentioned.

  3. I really don’t know much here but the color of Jesus doesn’t really matter. Jesus was not called to Dave a race but to save the world. Focusing on His color is like focusing on the minor whereas the major which involves the preaching if the gospel is neglected
    Let’s reprioritize

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