14-year-old commits suicide over unwanted pregnancy

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14-year-old Anita Haledu Ibrahim committed suicide over an unwanted pregnancy.

Haledu who was a student of Government Science school Andaha near Akwanga in Nassarawa state was impregnated by a boy she met in Andaha during the Covid-19 pandemic. They became intimate and she got pregnant. Haledu informed him she was pregnant with their child and he initially fled the village for Abuja but after her parents made contact with him, he accepted the pregnancy and also showed interest to marry her.

However Haledu decided to commit suicide after her father beat over the pregnancy. She took herbicide to kill herself on Saturday, 11 July.


  1. Our sin is too much on this Earth, suicide is not the solution, once you give birth life continues. Parents should pls kindly accept the situation that comes their once she is not cultist, arm robbed etc.

  2. Illiteracy is a disease. Illiteracy of not using condom or other preventative medicine, illiteracy of not going for abortion if she cant carry the pregnacy and illiteracy of stupidity of taking her own life. The girl is an embodiment of illiteracy and stupidity

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