7 people arrested in connection to the murder of Khafi’s Brother

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Reality TV star, Khafi has shared an update concerning the murder of her brother, Alex.

The young man was finally laid to rest few days ago. Taking to the Instagram, Khafi expressed her grief as she revealed that 7 suspects have been arrested in connection to the crime.

She wrote:

“Last week was the hardest day of my life, having to bury my youngest brother Alex. I truly appreciate you all for your support and your prayers. It hurt me so much that we were burying him while his killers still roamed free. 7 people have now been arrested in connection to my brother’s murder. Please keep praying that justice will be served and that his murderers will be convicted. They cannot cause this much pain and go scott free. God does not sleep nor slumber.”


  1. Sorry for the lost.”Tears are prayers too. They travel to God when we can’t speak.”those people should hang life .

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