Allow responsible People carry Guns and weapons – Ortom

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Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom has called on the federal government to allow responsible Nigerians to carry guns and other weapons.

Ortom made this call while presenting a paper on Tuesday during a virtual meeting convened by the Centre for Values in Leadership, in collaboration with Nigeria Governors’ Forum.

The Governor expressed that this should be done as part of measures to curb the rise in insecurity in the country.

The governor said that the policy should be backed by a strict legal framework to prevent illegal possession of arms by the citizenry without exception.


  1. How will the government know the responsible people so as to allow them to carry gun
    This advice might be good fro Governor Otom but is hard to follow
    Well all we want is what the government will do to fight this high level of insecurity bedeviling this country

  2. Instead of allow responsible Nigerians to carry harms around, why can’t you call for community policing instead of this. We are not yet mature for what you are talking about.

  3. If government allows everybody to be carried arms, we will misuse the opportunity being giving to us by them. Community policing would have been better.

  4. To allow responsible people to carry gun… My question is who are the responsible people that should be allowed to carry the gun? Am not in support of it.

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