It is laughable that Buhari has asked his ministers to blow their achievement trumpets – Bamgbose

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A Chieftain of the New Nigerian Peoples Party, NNPP, Olusegun Bamgbose has termed laughable Buhari’s call to his ministers to blow the trumpet of their achievements.

The president in a recent address at the retreat for Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and other top government officials boasting about their achievements, informed Nigerians of his administration’s readiness to lift 100 million citizens out of poverty in the next 10 years.

Reacting to this, Bamgbose said it is unrealistic and tantamount to giving Nigerians false hope adding that Nigerians can no longer be fooled.

“Nigerians can’t be fooled any longer. In the same retreat, the President urged his Ministers to blow their trumpets, that they have achieved much, he said

“This is laughable, because there is no trumpet to blow, except that of hardship, poverty and sufferings. Poor masses are in pains as a result of the hike in electricity tariffs and fuel pump price.

“Poverty is on the increase. Unemployment is yet to be decisively tackled, insecurity everywhere. Which trumpet will the Ministers blow?

“The most appropriate thing for him to do is to sack them, it’s overdue. The statement credited to President Buhari at the retreat, ‘I have to charge all of you to defend the government vigorously and not to allow any IRRESPONSIBLE and politically motivated statements….’

“To say the least, this statement is unpresidential. The President calling critics, irresponsible, is unjustifiable.

“Critics deserve apology for this. In May 2013, Buhari asked Jonathan to resign and give way to a competent hand to govern the country.

“In 2012, Buhari was quoted to have said, ‘the dog and baboon would all be soaked in blood’ if the election was rigged.

“He expressed himself freely without anyone calling him irresponsible, why then should he now refer to his critics as irresponsible.

“This is not justifiable on any ground. He has to apologize to the critics. President Buhari should be informed that he is democratically elected as President of Nigeria and he swore to defend the constitution.

“The constitution guarantees freedom of speech and expression. This is never a military regime. Nigerians should be free to express themselves without any fear of molestation and harassment whatsoever. I call on the President to be cautious in addressing his fellow citizens,” he stated.


  1. He want to prove his the man and the xame our president ..My idea of “friends with benefits” is another one of my friends doing my laundry. What were you people thinking.. I have morals.

  2. Hahahahaha it is laughable indeed. They should be ashamed of their little or no achievement. We owe GEJ Administration an apology

  3. May be he has forgotten all what he said during the Jonathan administration, he even different such of derogatory words and nobody abuse or criticize him for all what he said. He should apologize to Nigerians for calling them critics, he makes everything unbearable for in terms of lively hood, even insecurities also instead of him respond to it positively, they are making it worse day by day.

  4. It’s very laughable indeed, Nigerians are battling with a lot of abnormalities such as insecurities, high level of employment for the youths, hike price of commodities etc. Which trumpets do his ministers want to blow. This is not what he promised us during his campaign, even now the dollar is 400 plus to a naira then what are you telling us. You better find a way out in the mess you put us.

  5. Very very laughable indeed because I have been wondering the kind of achievement that he has achieved since his tenure, unless he meant the killings that has been happening and the high price of things in the market. I didn’t see any other good thing out of his administration, abeg anybody that have seen should let the country know coz me I have not seen.

  6. It’s laughable indeed because even in the midst of the pandemic they went ahead to hike the price of commodity without putting the masses into consideration. They should stop giving us false hope and they should understand we can no longer be fooled anymore.

  7. It is a shame, how can a man praise him self. Even God dose not praise himself he created men did lovely things so that men will praise him by his works.. It’s only a failed man that praises himself

  8. This is great from Bangbose, which trumpet do we think does Minister can blow than ” poverty and surfring. We are experiencing hardship in the country now which Buhari cursed. Buhari is misleading the country so what do you think his cabinet we do? President Buhari is the worse President so far. Lai Muhammed is the most useless man have ever seen, Lai is a big lier in the country.

  9. It’s indeed laughable and Nigerians can no longer be fooled.
    If you have actually achieved anything, you do not need to blow your trumpet, your achievements should speak for themselves.

  10. When I saw that news, I read it and laughed. Is it his ministers that will blow their success trumpet or the citizens
    The citizens should be the ones to do that if at all they have truly achieved anything
    I feel this administration has totally done nothing
    People are suffering so much and he is busy saying one annoying thing or the other

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