APC suspends Governor Fayemi

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The State Executive Committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State has suspended Governor Kayode Fayemi.

According to a statement released by the party on Friday, the governor was suspended due to “his numerous anti-party activities, especially his role in the recently concluded governorship election in Edo State which is contrary to the provisions of Article 21 (A) (ii) of the APC Constitution.”

The party claimed that five days before the Edo Election, Gov Fayemi hosted PDP big wig Mr. Femi Fani- Kayode in the government house in Ado Ekiti and planned a coup against Edo APC.

Another allegation leveled against Governor Fayemi by the party was that he played a role in the gubernatorial election in Oyo State and supported the PDP candidate to defeat the APC candidate.


  1. Long over due, APC has ought to have been suspended since before now, after he has done the damage to the party but not late until it’s too late. That serves him right.

  2. There are some of his type that suppose to have been suspended since, there are still some APC members that still in the party that still in fayemi’s shoes unless they weed them out their party may not be at rest. That’s what they suppose to do to the rest that is like him.

  3. I said it that more are yet to be heard from these politicians. When I heard that president Buhari’s aides were suspended in Ekiti state, I suggested the party should look critically inwards to know if they were actually engaging in anti party activities as it was claimed or they were being witchhunted by the governor of the state
    Now they are suspended the governor himself showing that something has gone under the waters
    All these suspensions are in preparation of 2023 and we all know
    It is painful to notice that all these leaders will leave the important things that matter most to the people and be talking nonsense

  4. That’s you people’s business, the people or persons that are to be suspended they won’t be suspended, I won’t mention names here becoz no b for my mouth una go hear say sugar dey sweet. How did they know that he supported APC, The important things to be tackled in this country they won’t do anything about it.

  5. To whose advantage is it to suspend a second term governor. It’s simply a political suicide to suspend Fayemi because he’s greater than the entire team that suspended him. It seems you don’t understand the powers and influence of a second term governor….. there is nothing your suspension will do to him. He may even become more stubborn.

  6. I think I am confused. Suspended as a governor or a party member?
    I don’t know if a party has the ability to suspend the governor of a state.

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