#EndSARS: You blocked roads for your birthday party and now complain that we are blocking roads to stay alive – Lala Akindoju slams Lagos Deputy Governor

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Actress Lala Akindoju has taken a swipe at Lagos state Deputy Governor, Obafemi Hamzat after he complained about #EndSARS protesters disrupting the free flow of traffic in the state. 

In a tweet she shared, the actress reminded the Deputy Governor that he allegedly blocked the road to celebrate his birthday party. She further stated that #EndSARS protesters are now blocking the roads to save their lives. 

Lala tweeted; 

But sir, you blocked the road for your birthday party. The effect on the whole city was felt. Let’s keep the same energy sir, this time around the roads are blocked because we want to stay alive. Thank you sir.

#EndSARS Protest: You blocked the road for your birthday party, we are blocking the roads now to stay alive - Lala Akindoju slams Lagos Deputy Governor


  1. Obafemi hamzat must be stupid for saying that nonsense, you blocked road for your birthday last time, don’t you think you are a leader people we follow your steps, now Citizen are protesting against sars to leave peacefully you said they are blocking the road. You are not serious at all. #ENDSARS NOW

  2. Good reply… When you are doing shits no body complain now that people are fighting for there right you spewing shits..

  3. See people that we believe there leading us, you that you blocked roads for common birthday…same you are complain that the protests is affecting the roads traffic. Yes are a bad person.

  4. Imagine the nonsense. He blocked the road for his birthday, ordinary birthday that is of no importance to anyone and now he is complaining for road blockage that is of great importance
    I don’t think he is thinking well..o

  5. Ordinary Birthday That Is Of No Importance To Anyone And Now He Is Complaining For Road Blockage That Is Of Great Importance
    I Don’t Think He Is Thinking Well

  6. Can you see this, a sitting deputy governor blocked roads for birthday party when majority of the Lagos State is facing hardship in the state and more so, fighting for safety of their lives that you can’t fight for them and you are still complaining, you better keep mute if you can’t support them.

  7. Look at the person that ought to protect the citizens of the state are the one tackling the citizens that is fighting for their right, a whole deputy governor saying Nigerians are blocking the roads. Selfishness leaders here and there.

  8. I don’t think Nigerians life matter to those in government because they do, he won’t be saying such that Nigerians are fighting for their freedom. I pray to God evil won’t happen to anyone of us.

  9. Can you Imagine blocking road for birthday party nawa oh.
    Now the citizens are exercising their right you opened that your mouth to say that they are blocking the road I don’t know what to tell you
    My dear Sister kudos to you for replying him.

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