Nigerian actress, Mosun Filani recounts how policemen killed her brother in 2010 (Photo)

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Popular Yoruba actress, Mosun Filani Oduoye has recounted how her brother was allegedly killed by the police officers in Ogun state in 2010.

In a post via her Instagram page, the actress shared a photo of her brother as she penned an emotional post

The actress wrote;

“Nigeria failed u in 2010 my sweet brother. U were 25years old then. Officers from eleweran/obantoko abeokuta killed u on Friday evening, but we were notified on Sunday morning.”

“We don’t have the full details of what happened or how it happened till date. We went to both station, but we were treated like criminals, and chased away. I was able to locate ur corpse thru the help of a big area brother back then….”

“We went to all the mortuarys in abeokuta one after the other tipping them to let me search thru their abandoned corpses by police. When I found u at ijaiye state hospital u were naked and dead but ur hand was still on ur stomach where u were shot and I could see the bullet hole. I shouted, rolled on the muddy floor, I sat amongst the many corpse and held u my handsome brother before I was dragged away.”

“They never wanted us to locate ur corpse at all. But today We Nigerians are saying NO MORE!!! RIP OLATUBOSUN OLUWATOSIN FILANI. POLICE KILLED U IN 2010.”

Nigerian actress, Mosun Filani recounts how policemen killed her brother in 2010 (Photo) 4


  1. How did you know that he was shot dead by Police people since you said that you don’t have full details
    of what happened to him or how it happened. That police are killing youths anyhow does not mean that any death we are not sure of is caused by them please.

  2. The Nigerian police need to be reformed and thought how to do their work professionally
    They are filled with criminals and should therefore be sanitized now

  3. Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss, our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.

  4. There is nothing to say than to say rest in peace, your blood will not surely forgive them. The police force have wasted many lives.

    1. You see now … the part of what we are saying now, see how police end this man life since 2010, the hope of tomorrow.

  5. The brutality of this police does not start today, they have doing it and get away with it. I’m very sure now that those the blood of the victims won’t forgive them.

  6. If every Nigerians have the opportunity to recount their ordeals, every households will have one or two things to say concerning the brutality of this police force. So sad rest in perfect peace.

  7. police nd SARS have been killing innocent people all this years nd those our political kept quite on that pretending not to know that but the time has come when they will pay for what they have done to the people they re ruling

  8. Yes it may be true, but you should have put a volume our onn2010 or you should have report in Abuja so that they can do proper investigation then, well we welcome your thoughts as police is full of corruption.

  9. So sad but pls accept our little condolences for your loss.. it’s time to reform and change the police force for good…. And also change the country from the lower level to the highest level

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