“Who did I offend?” ‘Frustrated’ young lady who wants to “zoom off” from Nigeria laments after she got offers from only Onitsha, Aba, Ebonyi, Nsukka based men

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A frustrated young Nigerian lady, Cynthia Kosiso who expressed that she was tired of staying in Nigeria sent out a post on Facebook seeking a man who would help actualise her dream of leaving the country.

According to her, the post she made on Friday has only gotten the attention of men based in Onitsha, Aba, Nsukka, Abakaliki, who have all sent her messages

Lamenting, she questioned who she had offended as these men will not help her actualize her dream of “zooming off” from the country.

She wrote;

“I made a post yesterday that am tired of naija and am ready to zoom off,” she wrote.

“I listed my qualifications. The only people who came to my inbox are Onitsha men, Aba, Abakaliki, Nsukka. Who did I offend. Who who who. I deserve a soft guy biko. The ones that came to my inbox are equally tired of Naija and they have coconut heads” she added.


  1. Be at peace in Nigeria, don’t leave us now…..be patient Nigeria we Soo be fine…don’t put yourself in to any trouble.

  2. You better calm yourself down, Nigeria use to doing something by opportunity, make them no go use you for money rechual.

  3. May be you are not destined leave Nigeria, if you can get a suitor in this country that will profer solution to your problems, you better stick to it.

  4. You better think twice before taking decision because if you later travel out and you were being used for prostitute that’s another case entirely.

  5. Cynthia, you must know that marriage can take a woman anywhere in the world and not all that glitters is gold. Stop being too choosy and pray hard for the best husband not the Romeo that you prefer to live in the slums of New York city or London.

  6. If someone is not contented with the judgement of God the person may come back empty-handed. Always contented with the judgement of God in order to have rest of mind.

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