El-Rufai holds meeting with Youth Leaders, kicks against attacks on Policemen

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Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai has met with youth leaders from all Local Government Areas of Kaduna state appealing to them not to engage in any act of violence or looting.

El-Rufai in a statement during the stakeholders meeting vowed to prosecute looters and those threatening the peace of the citizens in Kaduna South and Chikun Local Government Areas.

Condemning the recent attacks on policemen he said;

“You cannot condemn an entire profession because of the misconduct of a few. SARS is just a small unit of the Nigerian Police Force, and even among SARS, they are not all bad

“Yes, some of them might have been quite bad and killed many people, but that should not be used to frame the police in a manner that people feel justified to attack and kill policemen.

“I have seen a video where a policeman was attacked and burnt to death. For what? That policeman is a human being, creation from God, he has children, and he has a family.

“Who will look after them? The Nigerian Police is the only police we have, it Is our collective duty as citizens, as leaders to come together and help the police to be better, El-rufai added

He, however, stressed the need as citizens and leaders to come together and help the police to perform better in securing the lives and property of the people.


  1. As you advised the youths not to not to attack police station it’s a very good idea but also remember to inform the police officers not to dehumanizing the Citizens of the country.

  2. If not because of what happened nobody dear to attack any police stations, all hands must be be on deck to reform police generally and reorientate them.

  3. Attacking police stations is not the issue but to train, retrain, orientate and inform them not to brutalize anybody anymore even if there’s an issue to tackle they should be taking to the station without extort them.

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