“US Election was full of rigging, we need to ‘rent’ them our able INEC chairman” – Adamu Garba

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Ex-presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba, has reacted to the ongoing US elections which according to him is filled with rigging.

In a tweet shared via his twitter handle, Garba has suggested that the US ”rents” the chairman of INEC, Yakubu Mahmud, so he can help the country conduct a ”free and fair election.”

He shared his suggestion this morning as the world awaits the result of the keenly contested election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump

”United States of America, #Election2020 rigging machines all over. The most adulterated election in US history. We might need to rent them our able INEC Chairman Prof. Yakubu Mohammed, he wrote


  1. Nigeria is filled with so many clowns
    People who talk from their anus instead of their mouth
    Well not everyone talk should be listened to

  2. He is just talking like illiterate, for former presidential aspirant to be talking like an illiterate. Always compared other countries with Nigeria in terms of corruption which is not done.

  3. Is it the first time of voting or elect the president in the USA? Do you know more than those in America? Sitting here in Nigeria saying nonsense.

  4. You are not one of the electoral body and electoral umpire, how would you come out and be telling us the election was rig.

  5. Is it because Donal Trump doesn’t win the election that is why you said the election was rig? Wether the election was rig or not, you should leave that for the court to judge.

  6. You are very stupid for saying that…how thus that concern you…adamu that full of corruption. Trump did not feat to rule again in the us.

  7. I can’t stop laughing oooo, and how did you know the election was full of rigging, is it because that’s was system that brought you to Pawer

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