“We all love you” – Former IGP, Balogun appeals to Police Officers to return to duty

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A former inspector general of police (IGP), Tafa Balogun, has appealed to police officers to return to their duty posts. Many police stations were burnt and policemen were killed by the hoodlums during the crisis that broke out after the #EndSARS protests were hijacked by hoodlums. Police officers across the country have not fully returned to work following complaints that their morale to work has dropped

In a statement he shared on Thursday, he urged the Nigerian police force to return to their duty post and continue to provide the needed security for the country.

“I urge all members of the Nigeria Police Force in our country to return to their duty posts and continue to provide the much needed security to our dear country, Nigeria; not minding the recent brutal attacks, arson, and acts of intimidation against the Police.

The Nigeria Police remains the first line of Internal Security as guaranteed by the Nigerian Constitution. Therefore, it behooves all and sundry not to betray the spirit of the Constitution.

“I sincerely appeal and urge all my brothers and sisters in the Police Force to put the past behind us as the Federal and State Governments, as well as the police authorities, are positively and aggressively addressing the unprecedented provocative attacks on the police institution. We all love you.

“Please, once again, I appeal to all of you to return to duty without further delay.”his statement read


  1. Government is the one that at fault about this issue of protest, if the raised by the citizens are addressed without delay it won’t generate to that level.

  2. I will just appeal to them if at all they go back to their normal duty, they should learn from their mistakes and not let this occur anymore.

  3. If they listen to your advice, it would have been better. There are lots of people that the policemen have been killed too. What do they want those families to do.

  4. It’s for the benefit of you and the masses if you return to your duty post, you shouldn’t have allowed what happened to kill your and I hope the government will do the needful.

  5. They should not be begged to return
    The good ones should come back and do their work professionally while the bad eggs among them should be sacked with immediate effect

  6. Its only you that love them o
    Please don’t use the word WE Police that are meant to protect us are now killing us, so please they should relax small may be after Xmas when people must have traveled and come back they can then come out.

  7. Government Is The One That At Fault About This Issue Of Protest, If The Raised By The Citizens Are Addressed Without Delay It Won’t Generate To That Level.

  8. Its Only You That Love Them O
    Please Don’t Use The Word WE Police That Are Meant To Protect Us Are Now Killing Us, So Please They Should Relax Small May Be After Xmas When People Must Have Traveled And Come Back They Can Then Come Out.

  9. They Should Not Be Begged To Return
    The Good Ones Should Come Back And Do Their Work Professionally While The Bad Eggs Among Them Should Be Sacked With Immediate Effect

  10. It’s For The Benefit Of You And The Masses If You Return To Your Duty Post, You Shouldn’t Have Allowed What Happened To Kill Your And I Hope The Government Will Do The Needful

  11. Please return to the national call duty, the youths didn’t reject Nigeria police but only wants better policing services. It could have been a good story if not the Lekki massacre.

  12. If they have ears let Dem hear and return to office bcos the fight is not against Dem jux that it was hijacked by HOODLUMS as u said.

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