Nnamdi Kanu Lambaste Federal Government on lock down order

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The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has reacted to the lock down order by the government in order to control the spread of coronavirus in the country.

In a post he shared on Facebook he worried the lock down will lead to hunger and death of the masses as he further questioned the method of thinking of the black African man most especially those in authority.

“There must be something wrong with the brain of a black African man, especially those in authority. I don’t know if this raw animalistic wickedness is genetic predisposition or if it was caused by centuries of Arabian and European humiliation and bastardisation of our essence as a race.

“Whatever it is, we better reevaluate post-colonial societal structures in Africa because beasts are literally walking the streets in human form. This level of primordial barbarism is uncalled for, especially at a time when responsible governments should be showing concern for the welfare of its citizens.

“How can you be subjecting innocent people with hungry children to feed to such torture and horrendous physical assault, sometimes leading to death for simply going out to get some food to eat when the same government asked them to stay indoors for days on end without providing food for them?

“When other races around the world say Africans are primitively evil, soulless and devoid of human empathy we shout racism, but the level of brutality in the Zoo and other black African countries is a cause for concern.”

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