Gunmen abduct catholic priest for the second time in Delta State

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Gunmen suspected to be herdsmen have abducted a Catholic priest in Delta state for the second time in four years

Rev. Fr. Jude Onyebadi, the Parish Priest of Saint’s Peters & Paul, Issele Asagba, was said to have been monitored and kidnapped in his farm, at the weekend, where he went to inspect his farm, workers and pay them for the work done.

Back in December 2016, he was kidnapped on his farm and released a few days after.

This time around, Fr. Onyebadi was taken into the bush alongside three workers in his farm. The three workers were later set free while the priest is being held incommunicado.

The search party organised by the family members of the priest in conjunction with locals in the area, including members of the local vigilance group, have not yielded the desired results.

Communication Director, Catholic Diocese of Issele Uku, Rev. Fr. Charles Uganwan, who confirmed the development, said that the matter had been reported to the security agencies and that members of the church had embarked on prayers for his release unhurt. He said the kidnappers have not made any contact or demanded ransom.

He, therefore, pleaded with the kidnappers who may not know that he is a priest to release him unconditionally.

When contacted, the state’s Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Onome Onovwakpoyeya, confirmed the incident, saying: “The police have been dispatched to the bush to rescue the Catholic Priest.”


  1. Mhhhh!!!
    Which way Nigeria. I can remember this question in one of Sunny Okoson’s musics….which way Nigeria
    So many years after independence, we are still finding it hard to start
    Our security network seems to have collapsed and criminal, hoodlums, armed robbers, bandits, ritual murderers, terrorists and kidnappers have taken over
    How can and why should the security agents stay and watch these disgruntled elements harassing innocent citizens every now and then without any form of challenge
    There is fear in the land now, imagine kidnapping this reverend father too times within 4 years
    God save us…o

  2. The people should let the man of God to go.instead of holding him for ramsom.they should tell him their desire.he may help them in other way.

  3. .
    The People Should Let The Man Of God To Go.Instead Of Holding Him For Ramsom.They Should Tell Him Their Desire.He May Help Them In Other Way

  4. Ok lemme assume that they (kidnappers) don’t know that he’s a priest but if they know and still withhold him in their custody that means They are playing with fire, and if they dare touch the priest of the Most High, well lemme reserve my comment it’s only God that knows what he will do to them.
    Rev. Father Onyebadi you will be released untouched in Jesus Name Amen.

  5. May God have mercy on us, what could have warrant this kidnapping? The Catholic priest is working in his farm with three of his men and what later kidnapped. May Almighty God let them free him without unharmed.

  6. Why free his men and left him (the priest alone), is there any offence committed by the man, second time in a year. This is bad, killing of Nigerians securities, abducting of people here and there is uncalled for. We should all stand together to this insecurities and not left to the government alone.

  7. Buhari’s government is full of insecurities, Nigeria is also on verge of disintegration with what is happening everyday. Everybody should work together including government, royal fathers, and also those vigilantes because this issue is getting out of hand.

  8. This is getting worse. We plead to Niger police to please look for Nigeria man for us and I also pray to God he should help us and Spare from the abduction mater.

  9. That’s what President muhammadu buhari turn Nigeria to…. insecurity is our motor in the country now. Anyway doas kidnapas want ransom and once they get it they we surely release him.

  10. These so called herdsmen are looking for trouble… O
    Why can’t they leave people to rest
    The security outfits are also not effectively functional
    I pray this rev father returns unharmed

  11. truthfully, the menace of this Fulani herdsmen is becoming very worrisome. very soon, it will be an eye for an eye, Moses law, The government need to take action about this..

  12. What has the priest done to them for kidnapping him for the second time in four years?
    We need serious security in our communities.

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