SARS: ”Una don see where criminal dey reform criminal?” – Charlie Boy

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Veteran Singer, Charlie boy has reacted to the ongoing Nationwide protest seeking an end to the brutal operations and activities of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS.

In a post he shared via his Instagram account, he said the calls for police reform is useless stating that “reformed Boko Haram members” are the same people being absorbed into the Nigerian army and police.

He further described police reforms as a joke, pointing out that criminals don’t reform criminals.

“I thank God sey finally finally our Mumu don dey belleful Us.
“The “reformed” Boko Haram killers no be the same people dem put for Nigerian Army and police?

“After you disband sars where you go put dem. Calling for police reform is a joke, una don see where criminals dey reform criminals.
“Na me go tell you say dis Government no send anybody.
“My people e go better make we protect ourselves o,” he said.


  1. How we go protect ourselves nah. This one weak me..o
    Well criminal no fit ever reform criminal, that is the fact
    God save us..o

  2. Upon the the protest there’s no sign of remorsefulness at all from the police. police service commission and police management team should change the way they are employ people.

  3. The SARS officers do not have empathy for Nigerians for it’s citizens and moreso, they should try to employ qualified people.

  4. Government should avoid employ those reformed bokoharam into Nigeria police force in order not to always maltreating Nigerian citizens.

    1. The only way we can say our mind to federal government is to protest against what we don’t like, it’s true criminal can not reform criminal, the protest still continue until they do our need.

  5. As for me I never see were criminal they arest criminal, but note✍️ there’s nothing that’s not possible on this country, we are talking about reform and disband, what we want is dismiss sars unit.

  6. That is true… They are bunch of criminals who are protecting the fellow criminal…. We reform the whole system cuz this is just getting started

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