Ikoyi prison incident has been contained, no inmate escaped- Ministry of Interior says

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The Federal Ministry of Interior says the incident that happened at the Ikoyi Correctional Center in Lagos has been brought under control.

On Thursday, October 22, a team of Army and Police officers were drafted to the prison premises after some hoodlums attempted to attack the facility to release some prisoners. A fire outbreak was also recorded within the prison premises.

In a tweet posted this afternoon, the Ministry said the situation has been brought under control

”The situation at the Ikoyi Custodial Centre is under control! Armed squad of the Nigerian Correctional Service, Civil Defence, Police and and men of the Nigerian Army are providing security at the facility. The Federal Fire Service is dealing with the fire. Ignore rumors of inmate escaping!”the tweet read

Ikoyi prison incident has been contained, no inmate escaped- Ministry of Interior says


  1. Thank God that the prisoners where not set free to join those hoodlums if not by now things would have gone out beyond the control, government should address this issue with dialogue not with iron fist.

  2. Dialogue is the best means of setting dispute, government should engage the protesters in dialogue in order not to allow this degenerate to what we won’t be able to curtail. If the prison is broken, we won’t know what would have happened.

  3. Government should always respond to sensitve issues like this before getting out of control. If the prison is break, it will now turn to prison break that we watched as a film and it easy anymore.

  4. This is good news thats if only the news is true, because other places that inmates escaped am scared.
    I don’t know what will be the fate of the people staying those places or towns when everywhere has been calm down.

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