‘Come and collect free food’ – Looters shout as they cart away palliatives stored in Adamawa govt warehouse (video)

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A mob comprising of several young men and women broke into the Adamawa state government warehouse in Yola on Sunday October 25, and carted away COVID19 palliatives donated by CACOVID.

In a video that has gone viral, some of the looters can be heard shouting ”come and collect free food”

Watch the video below


  1. Why is our leaders are wicked, what ought to have been distributed before now and serve as succur to the vunelrable people kept till now, that is bad of them.

  2. Are these governor having meeting or taking oat of not to distribute the palliative to the people or what because I couldn’t understand the motive behind keeping the palliative till moment.

  3. Keep food that belongs to masses for so long when they know that people are seriously hungry, no money to buy anything during this period but they decided to punished us with hunger, Almighty God won’t forgive you for doing this to us.

  4. If you share the items accordingly you try, because there is a lot of different between taking a food that should contain for like 20people and just one person we take it away, please share I accordingly. Is our food, and is our right to take it from we’re they hide it…God bless Nigeria.

  5. Our leaders are so wicked
    They left us to die in hunger for no just reason and they kept our food for themselves

  6. Who are the looters between this people and the government? Government that want to divert the food into another way of making money into their private accounts. Please point of correction they are good people after all this palliative belongs to them.

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