Fulani will continue to rule Nigeria forever – Miyetti Allah

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The National President of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Bello Abdullahi Bodejo, says the Fulani own Nigeria and will rule the country forever.
Abdullahi stated this in an interview with The Sun, adding that the group is on the verge of creating its own security outfit starting with 5000 to 10000 personnel.
“My organization, Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, we are trying to set up our own security outfit. We are considering starting with 5000 personnel. While their own is Amotekun, our own name shall be unveiled soon. We have not decided on its name, maybe, it may be called, Miyetti Allah Vigilante.”
“It is going to be across the country because there is no angle you cannot find the Fulani in this country.”
He said that even though personnel of this security outfit are meant to tackle rustlers and bandits with guns and other weapons, they (the new security outfit) will not bear arms but will use the same sticks they use to control cows, adding that “stick is enough to use for their defence.”

He insisted that the Fulani has the rights “to go and settle in any bush in this country without asking anybody for permission.”

“It is not against the law in this country. Who would they go to take permission from, is it the animals in the bush?”

He said that no one can drive away the Fulani because “They produced Nigeria.

“They produced the first prime minister. If they produced the first president, another president, another president and so on, are they not the owner of the country?. Fulani are ruling Nigeria and they must continue to rule the country forever. That is the truth.”


  1. I partly agree with this man that Fulani own Nigeria. If our forefathers allowed them to produce the first prime minister and the first President, i wholly agreed with him. But my arguement against him is that of ruling Nigeria forever. It can never happen otherwise to your tent oh Isreal. Obama Barrak was a Kenyan and he ruled America whose presidential system of government we copied and are practicing till date. When a country choose to practice democracy tribal politics lose relevance. Nigeria can not continue to be one when one section of the country lourd it over the others. Flanis are nothing without their colloboration with the Hausas. The Hausas till date wear the toga of defeated people by the Fulanis under the leadership of Othman Dan Fodio. But Fulanis should not forget that Othman Danfodio never defeated the East made of mainly Igbos nor the South made up of mainly Yorubas. He only defeated the Hausas. Therefore the fulanis should thank their stars for Hausa folly of sheepishly following the Fulanis. Whenever the Hausas wake from their slumber to reclaim their dignity, the fulanis will have problem in their hands. By then we will see how they can fight Hausa, fight Igbo and fight Yoruba. As to fulani establishing their own security outfit, nothing is wrong in doing so as long as they do it in their ancestral home. Because you rear cattle in a bush in my village, does that give u right to ownershipp of my village land and bush. No mister, it cant happen.

  2. That’s your opinion, everyone entitle to his/her opinion but what is glaring to me is that Nigeria doesn’t belong to a tribe, which means it’s not possible.

    1. This man ought to be arrested for hate speech but he wouldn’t because his brother is at the top. Nigeria is a multi ethnic group you invaders

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