2023: I have no interest in Politics – Sanusi

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Former Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has debunked rumours of him running for Presidency come 2023.

The former Central Bank Governor while speaking on Arise TV on Friday expressed that he doesn’t have any interest in politics.

Sanusi revealed that will be heading for Oxford University in the United Kingdom next month as a visiting fellow at the institution’s African Studies Department.

“People have been talking to me about politics when I was in the CBN. I have never had an interest in partisan politics,” he said in an Arise TV interview.


  1. You might not have interest in politics, there are so many ways you can assist Nigerians without being a politician. Not all politicians have the interest of masses in their hearts. Many of the politicians nowadays use to have hardened heart when they get to the office, they don’t even care about masses anymore. Therefore, if have the love of your people in your heart there is no need to join politics before you can assist.

  2. If you have anything to offer Nigerians, you can view for the post of president and if you eventually become president I think it will be an advantage to us. But if God knows that you will increase the burden on us may you not attain the position. But you can be of help to us without been a politician, politics is a business also that some of the politicians invest in it and get their reward when they get to the office.

  3. No one has the right to force another person into what he does not desire or have interest in. One must have passion for a profession before he or she can be able to deliver on it
    As you have said, we are watching keenly
    But I think people like you are the type of persons Nigeria needs now that the country is sinking

    1. Ok thanks for letting us know but I would like you contest for that position, because sanusi lamido is well expose and has been in some high leveld position in the government so he should have some good idea on how to rule this nation.

  4. I trust this man, I mean Lamido Sanusi, is the right man for our country I mean Nigeria President, but since he said he’s not having any interest in politics in 2023, nothing more. A lot of rumors have been spreading around the country before that Lamido Sanusi was removed from Emir so that they can use him as a right candidate in 2023. They may have been disturbing him so far and may be they Sanusi did not give them green light. Sanusi is a good man and the right man for Nigeria but I follow his word now.

  5. Being a former governor of the central bank of Nigeria, I think he should have a lot to offer to help the economy of this Nation.

  6. The question is why did he resign from the central bank of Nigeria? Why did he resign from being an Emir of Kano? For me I think somthing is wrong

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